Registration Terms

This tango weekend we plan to gather 190 – 210  local and international tango dancers who enjoy social dancing in the close embrace and use mirada/cabeceo to ask for the next tanda.

Registration to this event is mandatory. Registration is only possible on the “Register” page on this web site. Separate entrance tickets to milongas will not be available.

You can register both as a single dancer or as a couple, but we encourage couple registrations. If you register as a couple, registration applications of both dancers must be submitted separately.

The balance is guaranteed. Therefore, the registration of leaders/followers may be stopped at any time. If you register as a single you will be listed on a waiting list. There will be one waiting list for single leaders and one for single followers. When there is a pair in the lists we will mail you to confirm that you are “in”. The rule “first come, first serve” is not applicable. The acceptance is based on a combination of criteria suchas the balance between leaders and followers, country of origin etc. Our goal is to put together a group of nice dancers where we all contribute to a lovely ambiance.

Registration process:
1. When you have registered you will receive an email to confirm that we have received your application (if you don’t receive the email, please, check the spam folder or contact us). This is NOT the final confirmation of your participation in the event.
2. Within 15 days after registration you will receive an email from us where you will be informed whether your application is accepted or you are on a waiting list.

In case if you’re in, you will get an information for the payment. To finish the registration, you should make a payment and then you will receive a FINAL confirmation letter from us. If someone from the couple doesn’t pay, the other participant of this couple should offer its spot to another dancer or will be moved to the waiting list. If you don’t make the payment in time, you will lose your place and you will need to re-register.

Please don’t be upset if you receive waiting list notification. There is a chance to get in, if someone doesn’t pay in time or cancels the registration.

Your registration is strictly personal and non-transferable.

For organizational reasons a refund of the participation fee is only possible until April 23, 2025.

When registering as a couple, please note that if your partner cancels after the cancellation deadline, no fees will be refunded to you, too.

All your personal data, collected during the registration, will be exclusively used to identify and contact you for current or future events.

At our events there will be taken both photos and videos. We would like to save good memories. There might be an official event photographer, but there can also be other participants taking pictures or videos.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful weekend with you!

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